Introduce a Building Management System that Achieves Energy Efficiency, Low Running Costs, and Fully Open System-Architecture.

Deliver products of Japan Quality to answer the loT needs.

savic-net™G5, the latest advance in building management systems, builds upon Azbil’s proven achievements throughout the evolution of building environments, and incorporates cutting-edge IoT, AI, and big data technology. Azbil continues to create advanced solutions that balance energy efficiency, comfort, and safety, now with a new type of building management that allows input from everyone connected with the building.


savic-net™G5 was developed with usability in mind and is our friendliest system to date, accommodating users of all levels. An all-new tablet/mobile interface allows users to monitor their systems anytime, anywhere.

Integrated Management

An open system-architecture makes wide-ranging connectivity. Take full control of all of your data across different systems in one place. This data helps you manage facility maintenance and provides valuable information for building management.

Energy Saving

Azbil has extensive experience as an energy solutions provider. We optimize every facet of your building’s energy consumption to reduce both energy use and CO2 emissions. With savic-net™G5, it helps building owners cut cost while creating comfort for people and the planet.

Japan Quality

As a leader in building management systems, Azbil has consistently earned the reputation from clients, providing the reliability and safety under Japanese standard to deliver optimal performance.

*savic-net is a trademark of Azbil Corporation.

Our Designs blend Style with Ease of Use. Controllers designed for small sizes, offer superb visibility and functionality.

Every controller is designed for ease of use. By separating the controller unit and the I/O modules, we have eliminated conventional location constraints. Simply configured connectors and LED indicators set on the face of the units, improve on-site operating efficiency.

Install Anywhere

I/O modules can be installed in the optimal location near field equipment, as well as allowing compact panel and cutting installation costs.

Increased Efficiency

LED indicators on the face of controllers display feedback from equipment and start/stop output to equipment, making on-site status checking easier and improving work efficiency.

Multi-Purpose Use

Universal inputs can be used for electric current, voltage, resistance, and digital signals, which allow you to use a single device for a variety of purposes. Less equipment types, smaller inventory for the spare parts.

Azbil offers versatile and highly reliable products for all types of buildings everywhere.

From the sensors and valves to the controllers and central units, Azbil develops its technologies in-house. Our wide-ranging product lineup offers practical solutions to meet the customer’s needs.

Supervisory Stations

Full integrated system monitoring, control, and management.


The Latest Controllers, for Smarter Facility Control

Field Devices

Azbil's Reliable Brand of Valves and Sensors

*Infilex and ACTIVAL are trademarks of Azbil Corporation. *BACnet is a trademark of ASHRAE.

Open system-architecture allows you to integrate or share facility data anytime. The result is improved monitoring and reduced operating costs.

The result is improved monitoring and reduced operating costs. An open system, supporting BACnet and Modbus TM etc., consolidates data from all kinds of facilities for easy management and analysis of operating conditions and energy consumption. Utilizing an autonomous distributed control system, controllers avoid the risk of a whole system failure by operating independently in the event of a system shutdown.

*BACnet is a trademark of ASHRAE.
*Modbus is a trademark and the property of Schneider Electric SE, its subsidiaries and affiliated companies.
*ETHERNET is a trademark of Fujifilm Business Innovation Co., Ltd. in Japan and other countries.

Optimize energy consumption and reduce energy costs- for any kind of buildings.

The system includes a wealth of energy-saving applications for buildings-from offices, hotels, and shopping centers to hospitals, laboratories, and educational facilities. Reduce more costs by combining applications according to your building’s characteristics.

*VAV (Variable Air Volume)
*VWT (Variable Water Temperature)
*VWV (Variable Water Volume)

VAV Optimum Control

Minimize static pressure with variable air volume (VAV) airflow control. The supply air temperature is also optimally controlled.

Outdoor Air Cooling

When outdoor air cooling is judged to be effective, take in outdoor air for cooling to achieve energy savings by effectively using natural energy.

Minimum Outdoor Air Intake

By measuring room CO₂ density, minimize outdoor air intake and reduce outdoor air load 40 to 60%.

CO₂- Minimizing Control

Control the number of chillers in operation in order to minimize CO₂ emissions or total operating costs of the heat source system.

VWV Control

Decrease the VSD output of distribution pumps as low as possible, without affecting indoor environmental comfort.

VWT Control

Automatically control chiller outlet temperature to achieve more efficient operation of chillers.

OSS Control

(Optimum Start/Stop) Predict the rise and fall of temperature in order to start/stop air handling units and chillers at the optimal times and eliminate unnecessary operation.

Parking Lot Ventilation

Control ventilation fan air volume to prevent parking lot CO density from rising.

Power Demand Contro

Beased on estimated power usage from current usage conditions, shut down or restart equipment to avoid exceeding the target power usage.

Remote maintenance services deliver the fine-tuned support that you need, including system diagnosis and data analysis.

Azbil automatically collects, analyzes, and diagnoses data from your building management system remotely. We can analyze and provide reports on alarm occurrences, energy consumption, indoor comfort evaluation, and more. This information can be used to plan improvements in energy conservation and equipment operation.

Maintenance Services

We provide assistance for building maintenance. Monitor the facilities and data remotely, check for signs of trouble and prevent problems to ensure the long service life of your facilities.

Energy Efficiency

We analyze the collected data and propose solutions to improve energy efficiency. We work together with clients to solve any energy-related issues.

Building Operation Support

We support clients' routine work such as preparing reports, assessing tenant comfort, and evaluating the control performance.